The original gift for Women's Day?  A journey furnished with roses

A unique gift for Women's Day. A journey furnished with roses

Spring is the perfect time to go on a trip, especially for plant lovers. In April and May we can participate in flower festivals, for example in Rome or Malta. During this period, the city streets are filled with beautiful colors and scents. March is a good time to think about purchasing a ticket as this type of event is very popular. Maybe it will become a dream gift on Women's Day? We can surprise someone close to us or even ourselves.

“When traveling during festivals or other special occasions, we must take into account the increasing number of tourists. To ensure that organizational and logistical issues do not overshadow the magic of the places visited, it is worth being prepared and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology. – says Grzegorz Mikielewicz, Founder and CEO of Getaway.

Vacationing with a friend is a great way to strengthen your bondGetty Images

Flower celebrations in Italy. Everyone should see them at least once in their life

The Getaway platform refers to a unique holiday celebrated in Rome, i.e. “Festa della Primavera”. This is how Italians celebrate the coming spring and integrate socially. However, there are also many visitors who come to enjoy the spring decorations, for example the Spanish Terraces. In Italy, there will also be parades with people wearing floral costumes dancing in the city streets.

The Colosseum in Rome is covered in flowers

The Colosseum in Rome is covered in flowersGetty Images

Plant lovers can also go to the suburban town of Genazzano, where the Infiorata Flower Festival is held. The celebration takes place every year on the first Sunday in July, bringing together flower artists from across the country to celebrate this special occasion. The most important element of the event is the procession, in which the route is covered in a carpet of flowers approximately two kilometers long. It is prepared the night before the holiday, which means that almost the entire city does not sleep. Each local area focuses on creating a unique piece of botanical rug.

A stylized makeover of a Catalan city gives it a new face

An important seasonal event is also held in Girona, near Barcelona. We are talking about the May festival “Temps de Flors”, the so-called flower time. We can expect it to be held this year between May 11 and 19. When visiting the city, flower lovers will be able to enjoy the transformation of the Catalan streets and squares into a botanical oasis. The city becomes a dynamic masterpiece where the creativity of residents and artists flourishes at every step. A number of cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, flower workshops and tastings of local dishes are held during the festival.

Sunflower field in Girona, Spain

Sunflower field in Girona, SpainGetty Images

An island where flowers never stop growing

The Getaway platform mentions the “Island of Eternal Spring”, i.e. Madeira, where flowers bloom all year round. There tourists enjoy the views of green hills, waterfalls, trails and the fairytale backdrop. However, between May 2 and 26, we can participate in an amazing event called the Flower Festival. Urban spaces, squares, parks and gardens of the island are transformed into real botanical masterpieces. The inspiration for organizing this event was a simple initiative by island residents who wanted to share the treasures of their personal garden.

Madeira pleases with stunning views all year round

Madeira pleases with stunning views all year roundGetty Images

A Maltese attraction made up of 80,000 seasonal flowers

Another noteworthy option is the Valletta Green Festival, an event organized in the Maltese capital. Tourists can enjoy the views of greenery and thousands of plants, flowers and trees. Interestingly, Pjazza San Ġorġ, one of the largest open spaces in Valletta, is then transformed into a beautiful display garden consisting of over 80,000 seasonal flowers. The festival also includes gardening workshops, displays and presentations on environmental protection. The event also aims to inspire people to care about our planet.

“Festivals that combine unforgettable visual experiences with environmental education are undoubtedly a great way to attract tourists and, at the same time, direct educational activities to them. The desire to preserve the magic of nature with which we love to surround ourselves while exploring the world requires a Conscious in traveling. This is another trend we see– Adds Getaway's Grzegorz Mikielewicz.

Gardens in Valletta

Gardens in VallettaGetty Images


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