Inexpensive Huawei Enjoy the 70z with 6000 mAh a day before the premiere

Huawei Enjoy 70z revealed many details one day before its premiere. The manufacturer's new model will have an above-average battery capacity of 6000 mAh! Is a strong cell configuration enough to beat the sales charts?

  • He is preparing for his debut Huawei Enjoy 70z.
  • The components of the device are confidential.
  • The model will be limited to a specific market.

Huawei enjoy the 70z before the premiere

The company launched the Huawei Enjoy 70 phone in the market last year. But this time it was like that Huawei Enjoy 70z He will shine on stage. The smartphones will be differentiated not only in terms of components, but also in appearance. While the first was similar to the flagship Huawei P60 Pro, the new smartphone will get a smaller camera island.

The technical description has not yet seen the light. One of the few known details (except design) battery 6000 mAh. Apart from this, the phone will offer the user 256 GB Data memory and the latest Harmony 4 operating system. Accordingly, Android 14 could be indicated, but it does not have to happen.

Huawei Enjoy 70z/ft. Via

As you can see, the model did not reveal itself closely before the show. More information will emerge soon, as the premiere is scheduled to take place February 22, 2024. However, we know that Entry Champion will be launched in the Asian market and there are no plans to expand to other regions of the world.

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