President Biden calls on the US Congress to stand up to the Kremlin

I believe the vast majority of members of Congress are ready to do their part, and I encourage all members of Congress in this room to stand up to Vladimir Putin. “He’s a thug,” Biden said at the Capitol’s annual St. Patrick’s Day luncheon. Patrick.

The president's call to adopt an aid package for Ukraine was supported by Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who stressed that “Ukraine cannot fall. We must stand by it as long as it takes.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson, who has so far blocked a vote on the bill allocating a total of $95 billion. In support of Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, he noted that “stability is at risk in Europe and the Middle East, and our allies and friends like Israel and Taiwan continue to fight for their right to exist.”

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The White House urged Johnson to bring the bill, which has already passed the Senate, to a vote. According to the White House, the war in Ukraine was the main topic of talks between the US President and the Irish Prime Minister. Biden pointed to Ireland's role in providing humanitarian aid and hosting more than 100,000 people. Refugees from Ukraine.

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