War in Ukraine.  The difficult situation in Crimea.  The occupiers are running out of fuel

It was carried out on Sunday in Russia and the occupied territories of Ukraine The so-called parliamentary and regional elections. Ukrainian media reported that the invaders were supposed to force civilians to participate in a mock vote by threatening them with weapons.

Elections were also organised. CrimeaBut the false vote took place in light of the growing protests on the peninsula Fuel problem.

The occupiers in Crimea have a problem. “They tried to calm the population down.”

The occupation authorities tried today Calm the population Crimea, because the fuel shortage has been going on for a week. Rifat Chubarov, head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, said that these attacks particularly intensified on days designated by the occupiers as “voting” days.

According to him, the matter was left to the occupiers Gasoline supplies for ten days and diesel fuel for five days.

The lack of fuel on the peninsula proves that the occupiers do not have time to deliver it due to… Difficult logistics – Chubarov thought. A few days ago, the Russians restored the previously destroyed bridge Qurum BridgeHowever, transportation through the crossing is still limited – Union Agency reported.

According to the politician, the Russians are now focusing on delivering fuel to the war zone, which means that “the civilian population will continue to lack it.” Chubarov is convinced that the occupiers will give everything to Crimea “It will eventually be diverted to supply the invaders at the front.”.

The situation in Crimea. Attacks are occurring increasingly

Recently Attacks in Crimea Unian notes that these diseases are becoming more common. On Tuesday morning, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that a group of drones attacked the peninsula. After the incident, the occupiers said they “completely repelled the attack.”

Earlier, on Monday, September 4, another attack occurred. This time, the Russians claimed to have participated “Four American boats”. The occupiers reported that they “destroyed the Ukrainian sabotage group and the American boats supporting it.”

Sawicki on importing Ukrainian grain: When the time came to act, the Prime Minister did not act/Polsat News/Polsat News

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