A divided European right What could the European elections hold?

  • The shape of the European right is currently largely determined by two women: Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni
  • The Alternative for Germany party has been expelled from Le Pen’s political faction, which does not please the far right in Europe. Meloni, in turn, strongly criticizes Italy’s immigration policy
  • For now, both parties say they are not against Europe, but rather that they want a slightly different Europe. With such a narrative, the field opens up for those who would openly oppose Europe – comments Dr. Bartlomiej Nowak
  • Hungarian László Toroczkai, leader of the nationalist HVIM party, openly calls for the creation of a new far-right faction in Europe, convincing, among others, politicians from the Polish Federation
  • Some confederates criticize the AfD, but no one talks about possible alliances in Europe
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