Apple is as boring as ever.  Plus the PiS spot is full of embarrassment

I don’t remember, I really don’t remember, such a boring and perhaps unnecessary Apple conference, and yet I’ve been following them for decades. Today, with an exemplary scene with “Mother Nature”, Apple can compete with PiS for the title of the best Internet movie of the year.

Naturally, Apple could not skip this conference, although in fact this year’s new products in watches and smartphones can be summarized in a press release. This is, after all, the first media presentation of the new iPhone – the most important product in this American tech giant’s offering and – as we well know – the highest-grossing product in the history of mankind.

Aware of the lack of new products this year, Apple focused on talking about how great it is to care for the natural environment rather than focusing on introducing new products.

Although it is not easy to criticize – the environment is a very important aspect in today’s world, which is turning into a global battle for survival – it was very indicative. Apple simply didn’t have much to offer in terms of products.

So he opted to record a completely awkward scene with Mother Nature embodied by – of course – a middle-aged black lady whose level of cringe was comparable to the recent Law & Justice spot where Jaroslaw Kaczynski receives a phone call from a fake German representative. Embassy. Or are you ashamed of what you see when you watch such incredibly stupid shows? Because I had this unpleasant feeling while admiring Kaczynski and Cooke’s acting accomplishments. They were at a similar level.

Why has Apple become boring?

He brought up a very interesting aspect during our behind-the-scenes editorial conversations while watching today’s Apple conference together BezPrawk Editor-in-Chief Kuba Kralka. – I wonder to what extent they are hampered by the trade war with China, and to what extent it is simply stagnation in technology development – asked Cuba, which made me think.

exactly. It’s difficult to judge Apple’s performance today without looking at the bigger picture. Today, Apple is in a very serious process of moving away from complete dependence on China – both in terms of employment and production, as well as the sales market, which has been closed due to the increasingly tense political situation between the United States and China. This business shift defines what Apple can demonstrate today: few innovations, very small product changes, and even retroactive in some aspects. This is simply a bad time for a revolution – first, the logistics chain needs to be reset – from production plants, through the technology chain, to transportation, so that we can return to product development with vigor. In addition, we must take into account that the Chinese market will shrink significantly for Apple – the authorities of this country are increasingly bold in banning equipment from American companies.

Nothing has changed on the Apple Watch

As a first-gen Watch Ultra user, I see absolutely no reason to replace it with a new version. The new gesture that uses your thumb and index finger to operate some of the watch’s functions is basically the only interesting functional novelty — in either the Ultra or the Watch Series 9.

Moreover, even this novelty is not a completely new solution. There was a similar function in Accessibility settings in WatchOS a couple of years ago. At the time, it was treated as an aid in using the watch for people with disabilities. Today it is the main feature of the new line of watches. A bit weak, isn’t it?

The new iPhones look just as boring

Thinner frames, better cameras, and a more powerful processor? After all, Apple shows off such new features in its iPhones every year, just as any other manufacturer does with new versions of its smartphones. In contrast, the killer feature of the new iPhone Pro is the titanium casing. It sounds interesting, but the cover has never been the main marketing feature of the new version of the Apple smartphone.

The most important functional change in iPhones is the switch to… USB-3. Interestingly, it was not an independent decision from Tim Cook, but rather a result of EU actions, which forced Apple to standardize connectors in smartphones.

Prices are surprisingly positive

It’s cheaper than last year. The iPhone 15 was priced at PLN 4,699, while the iPhone 15 Plus was priced at PLN 5,299. The devices are therefore initially cheaper compared to the iPhone 14, which started at PLN 5,199, while the 14 Plus model costs PLN 5,899.

In contrast, the iPhone 15 Pro in Poland is priced at PLN 5,999, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max model costs PLN 7,199. The basic Pro will therefore be PLN 500 cheaper than its predecessor.

Well, it looks like we got away with those prices. Apple probably set Polish prices a month ago, and as we well know, the zloty has been in a very strong downtrend for several days. I don’t think this reality has reached headquarters in Cupertino yet.

What’s next for Apple?

Finally, the answer to your favorite question – what’s next for Apple? Well nothing. The stock market reaction will likely be negative, and Apple will sell nearly 200 million iPhone 15s in the next 12 months. This is like every year for several years now.

It’s getting more and more boring, it’s true. But what if Apple continues to make its billions?

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