Olaf Schulz lived moments of terror.  “He saw the explosions with his own eyes.”

According to the newspaper “Bild”, Olaf Schulz was removed from the plane during an air alert and They are taken by car to the airport building where there are shelters. The advisor had the opportunity to see two explosions with his own eyes: explosions of the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system that knocked Hamas rockets out of the sky. Two anti-aircraft missiles were fired, and their sound was clearly audible at the airport.

After the evacuation, the services then searched the government aircraft and checked the machine for any potential threats.

Continued article below the video

Missile warning and evacuation of Olaf Schulz’s plane

— For safety reasons, we spontaneously changed course, flew in a curve and then climbed sharply. The reason: to escape from the range of Hamas missiles as quickly as possible – according to a Bild correspondent. He added that the landing in Cairo was “normal.”

A missile alert in Tel Aviv suddenly started at 18.33 our time, when the Chancellor was holding political discussions at the German Embassy. According to information provided by Bild, Schulz had to go to the shelter several times during this visit alone.

The Chancellor was the first prime minister to visit the Jewish state after the Hamas attack on October 7, and expressed his unwavering solidarity with Israel.

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