Germany: Shooting in Hagen.  A manhunt is underway, and one of the victims is in critical condition

Five shots were fired at Steinplatz Th Hagen In western Germany. As Bild reported, it was around 2:30 pm on Saturday afternoon when gunshots were heard, and in the street, Close to the stadiumTwo men fell.

Four men were involved in the tragic accident. We read in the media about the initial version of events, which indicates that they were between men There was an argument. This turned into a shooting.

Two suspects who opened fire Flee from the scene of the crime. These people are currently in demand. Police chase is on. Officers are also trying to determine exactly what happened among those involved in the case.

Germany: Shooting in broad daylight in Hagen. There are wounded and the police are searching for the perpetrators

The search for the perpetrators continues in Hagen and the surrounding area. Report this to the police One of the men being chased He is between 25 and 30 years old, thin, with black hair and a beard. He may be wearing a black jacket and flip-flops. Investigators are also appealing Witnesses to the shootingWho may have witnessed the incident or noticed people acting suspiciously or running away.

Emergency services arrived at the site, provided first aid to the victims, and then transported them to the hospital. Bild reported that it is not known how serious the injuries of the injured are. However, it is said One man’s life is in danger. The Hamburger Morgenpost website wrote that those infected were men aged about 40 years.

Sources: Bild, Hamburger Morgenpost

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