Rosną rosyjskie straty wśród żołnierzy i sprzętu na Ukrainie. Za zniszczenie części rosyjskich jednostek odpowiedzialne są bezzałogowce Bayraktar TB2, które Turcja dostarcza walczącej z agresorem Ukrainie. O precyzyjnych dronach powstała już nawet piosenka, która staje się hitem na Ukrainie.

Russian losses among soldiers and equipment in Ukraine are increasing. Bayraktar TB2 drones, which Turkey supplies to Ukraine fighting the aggressor, are responsible for the destruction of some Russian units. There is even a song about micro-drones that have been a hit in Ukraine.

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As reported today by the Ukrainian General Staff, During the week of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians had already lost nine thousand soldiers and a lot of equipment, including. 217 tanks, 900 armored fighting vehicles, 90 artillery systems, 42 multiple rocket launchers, 30 aircraft, 31 helicopters.

Ukrainians are a powerful force in the fight against Russia Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2Responsible for destroying a significant part of Russian military equipment in Ukraine.

Despite the great advantage of the Russian forces in the air, small drones inflict heavy losses on Russia. The Bayraktar TB2 is used by Ukrainian forces mainly at night. At that time, mainly Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers were destroyed.

Ukraine has been buying Turkish drones since 2019. More shipments also came from Turkey after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The importance of the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle was discussed on RMF24 radio by former pilot and military expert Major Michau Wieser. Do drones play an important role in the war in Ukraine?

“Certainly, although relatively few of them are used. So here is advice to the Polish decision-makers, the Ministry of National Defense, that you need to get as many unmanned aerial vehicles as possible, which in the first place will be able to increase the effectiveness of artillery, because they will be Able to conduct effective reconnaissance and set targets for their artillery – once, and secondly, they will be able to launch attacks on their own ”- said Major Weser.

“We also bought these drones from Turkey, Bayraktar TB2, but it seems that we can make larger purchases of different types of unmanned aerial vehicles, both reconnaissance, but at this tactical level, that is, not only Flyeye small drones, by the way , very good and good check, but also male classes, ie medium height long-wearing, such as American Predator or equivalent type “- emphasized Major Fiszer.

There are videos of precise drone attacks on social media. Interestingly, Turkish drones in the service of the Ukrainians even have a song dedicated to them.

The song praising Bayraktar and making fun of Vladimir Putin quickly became an Internet hit, and its popularity is growing hour by hour.

Listen to the song:

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