January 30, 2023


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War against the French

War against the French

Many factors contribute to the French decline: the Americanization of culture, mass immigration, the lack of necessary resources for integration and segregation, the exodus of the middle class from Montreal… However, we must not forget the systematic devaluation (to use). a fashionable word) was our official language in Quebec for many years. Let’s be clear: this is a real hidden war being waged against the French in our society.

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The Charest-Coullard era was disastrous in this respect. The applicability of Bill 101 is eroding, the imposition of intensive English in elementary school despite the shortcomings of French teaching, the scandalous neglect of integration and segregation, ECR courses that teach young Quebecers to open up to cultures from elsewhere, but not to those here. … Philippe Couillard reduced us all to immigrant status and confirmed that the worker must know English to answer the investor’s questions!

A French speaker is bilingual under penalty of “revocation of identity”. On the other hand, once bilingual, what should have been (and indeed should be) a source of wealth is turned against him as a tool for submission: the francophone pressures him to speak English in front of every person he knows. Little or no French. This is what Michel Rousseau avoids in learning French. Finally, any criticism of immigration policies is distorted and presented as an attack on immigrants.

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This relentless demonetisation has paid off. In what language do many Quebecers choose the names of their businesses, cultural festivals (Poutine Week!), and the songs they choose for music competitions? Italy, China, Punjab? No: English, always English. This “openness to others” is really just submission to the “globish” steamroller. Ironically, the native’s reason for defending the French against “colonialism” was more justified.

Those who speak French correctly with a different vocabulary are referred to as “purists” and “elitists”. “Franglais” is presented as an “evolution” of the language rather than what it actually is, killing both English and French. Do we hear English people taking pride in speaking English? No, because they are not masochists.

The French-speaker is discouraged from admiring his language as the picadores stab the bull and tire it out. Then, when he is so tired, the bullfighter gives him a coup d’├ętat: he blames himself by speaking his language and writing it badly!

It’s like accusing someone of breaking their leg and not walking.


The solution is simple, but requires courage: let’s hold our heads high. Let’s not become stupid and stop wanting to be kind and loving at all costs. We require you to learn and use French fluently. Waltz Waltz with accusations of “identity withdrawal” and “assimilation”. Let’s defend our laws, demand better franchising resources and improve French language teaching. Instead of formally speaking English to people with limited knowledge of French, bilingual francophones should help them practice our common language. Finally, let’s ditch the defeatism and stop saying it’s too late.

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As Pierre Falardeau said: “If you go to bed, they will crush you. If you stand up and resist, they will hate you, but they will call you “Sir”.

Caroline Morgan, Translator Saint-Lambert