Electricity prices.  European countries pay the most for energy in history

August turned out to be a very difficult and much needed month for electricity producers in Europe. Cost records have been broken in many countries, as shown by Rystad Energy data. Experts predict that August will be the most expensive month for electricity in all major European markets, qz.com writes.

record energy prices

Italy was the first country where the average monthly spot price exceeded 500 euros per megawatt. On the other hand, the wholesale price of energy For next year’s deliveries in France and Germany, it topped 1,000 euros per megawatt last week.

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This situation provokes a reaction from the EU authorities. Ursula “The electricity market is no longer working,” von der Leyen said in recent days. There is only one representative. put it in – which it is systematically trying to destroy – added the head of the European Commission, citing qz.com.

European Commission responds to higher energy prices

European Commission Sends signals to observers and participants in the energy market It is ready to intervene if electricity prices do not stabilize. One solution is to separate the gas market from the electricity market, Which, for example, is claimed by Romania.

An alternative solution is to suspend free-market rules and set a cap on the price of energy. With this solution, it will be necessary to start compensating energy producers, otherwise they will have to bear the costs of this political decision. This will eventually lead to their bankruptcy.

Poland, in turn, is calling for changes to ETS. Mateusz Morawiecki has spoken in recent daysit is necessary “Suspend ETS in its current form for one or two years. The prime minister argued, during this time, we should have a fixed, low price.

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