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What will you give him? With Christmas It includes a formal dinner, a sacred mass and somewhat strange gifts. The Royal family Gifts are usually opened at tea time at home on Christmas Eve In Sandringham and for many years, they have been giving each other ridiculous and cheap items in a humorous tone, in addition to giving each other luxury jewelry and expensive gifts. Here is the unique tradition

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Tradition makes a lot of sense because British royalty can access anything they want.Why choose an expensive one When you get something cheap that makes everyone laugh on Christmas Eve it definitely does no good? Here are the unique gifts that the British royal family has given to each other over the years.

Diana of Wales

Apparently, no one told Princess Diana of Wales about this tradition of sympathy on her first Christmas with the British royal family, so her first Christmas Eve Government It took a huge expense She also went to the trouble of buying several cashmere sweaters and mohair scarves.

The rule of inflexibility is mandatory for everyone Open their gifts in front of the whole group When they first saw Princess Diana’s gifts, everyone except him thought it was hilarious.

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

In 2013, Prince Henry of Sussex decided to test his grandmother, Elizabeth II, for her sense of humor in the United Kingdom. ‘Life is not a bitch’ (Life is a shit …). According to the royal biographer , The queen wanted it.

Apparently the queen too Got a singing hamster By Megan from Sussex. Prince Henry’s wife surprised the king by giving him this strange gift with the royal family during his first Christmas. Then released.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom at Christmas 2017. (Photo: AFP)

Charles of Wales

Princess Anne of England once bought a leather toilet seat for Charles of Wales. According to Hoi, the heir to the crown He loves it so much He carries it with him when he travels.

Catherine of Cambridge

Prince William’s wife once bought her brother-in-law, Henry of Sussex. A kit to raise your own girlfriend. Humorous gift from Prince Harry and Megan of Sussex before they got married. Royal biographer Katie Nicole shared that description in the book.”.

Although not all of Princess Catherine’s gifts are so ridiculous. Once, it seems, Did fishing triggers For Prince Philip of Edinburgh. Magazine It was revealed that Floris bought a bottle of perfume and a woolen hat for her husband for Catherine’s Majesty.

Catalina also brought home a gift of homemade jam for a year. According to the magazine Gave strawberry jam and plum preserves As a Christmas present for 2011.

Enrique de Sussex, Catalina and Guillermo de Cambridge during the 2016 Christmas event.  (Photo: AFP)
Enrique de Sussex, Catalina and Guillermo de Cambridge during the 2016 Christmas event. (Photo: AFP)

Who was Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom?

Lilliput is a nickname given by King George VI of the United Kingdom to his first daughter, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Produced by the best teachers in England at the time, Elizabeth stood alone in her study In constitutional history, law and literature he trained for the role he would have accepted at the age of 25, and that made him the current leading figure in the United Kingdom and 54 countries.

The Queen has seen events that mark history. During World War II, Elizabeth II Enlisted in the British Army As a lieutenant, he became the first member of the royal family to join the full-time army. The King has seen the passing of 14 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom served by dignitaries such as Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

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