Are there any French speakers?

My star of the week, not the month, not the year, goes to Manuel Tatros.

Actor, host, father of Xavier Dolan and father of song This is zero By Julie Massey, she finds herself at odds against an establishment unable to serve her in French in downtown Montreal.

Coudonc, how many stars will it take for us to collectively wake up and shout together at the institutions that make fun of us: “ZERO for not serving us in French!” ?

Outline by Manuel Tatros

Here’s what Manuel Tatroz wrote about social media (including coronations).

“There’s a Tim Hortons on the corner of St-Urbain and Ste-Catherine. In front of the entrance for TNM and PDA artists. Six employees work during peak hours. Only one doesn’t speak French. I ask for salt (unintelligible), milk (unintelligible).

“I know it’s hard to find staff and they’re easy to find among expats. But can you at least teach them a few words for a coffee? Salt, milk, coffee, numbers $$. Depressing. Really!! Even if it’s blasphemous.”

If this Tim Hortons address intrigues you, then in April 2022, theater man Serge Denoncourt won it there!

In the show good evening, He said: “I went to Tim Hortons in front of TNM, the biggest French-language theater in America. I said, ‘Hello, I’d like a No. 1 with a Diet Coke.'”We don’t speak French ”. “Okay, is anyone there speak french?”». “No, we don’t have any French speakers”

It seems to me that if I were a company getting screwed over by a star on a popular show, I would make sure to remedy the situation.

However, as of April 2022, nothing has changed at this donut and coffee vendor, located between the Théâtre du Nouveau-Mont and the Place-des-Arts, the epitome of French-speaking culture in a French-speaking city. – Talking province!

Researcher Frédéric Lacroix recently lamented that the media did not say more about OQLF statistics. “For example, 16% of Quebecers prefer to use French in local shops after secondary education in English,” he said in an interview with QUB radio on Monday.

And then they will tell us that there is no problem with the number of Quebecers going to CEGEP or university in English?


Did you know that “of the thousands of complaints received by the OQLF, nearly a third are about the lack of service in French in retail stores”?

So in October this year the office launched a very funny campaign on the internet.

To the tune of It gets wet all over The icon of Quebec folklore, Oscar Thiefault, the young comedian Tonic Martino sings: “We understand each other, understand, understand each other, working in French has finally become rare”.

Hopefully it will be more successful than the Peregrine Falcon.

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