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We invite you to watch the documentary One Room, written by Paweł Zastrzeżyński. The film’s title has a double meaning – it refers to the workplace and Wanda Potawska’s more than fifty-year struggle for peace in the world, in which she fought alongside Karol Wojtyla – priest, bishop, cardinal and pope. This title was given to Wanda Półtawska.

One Room is a three-year film produced by Paweł Zastrzeżyński, starring Dr. Wanda Potawska and Professor Dr. Andrzej Potawski, which opens the panorama of the fifty-year-long struggle for world peace, conducted alongside the unforgettable Karol Wojtyla.

The film takes us to the heart of peace, through the diverse experiences of its characters and invited guests, such as Ernst Brill, Adam Bachlida Koros, and Krzysztof Kohlberger. Their memories and reflections form the fabric of the story, which highlights the double meaning of the title – it is a spectacle of events and a symbolic reflection of Wanda Putawska’s long-term peace mission.

However, “One Room” is more than just a documentation of historical events. It is also a testament to the profound spiritual transformation experienced by the project participants. Romuald Lewandowski, the cinematographer, influenced by Wanda Potawska’s allure, decides to enter into a secret marriage with Julia, which becomes the unintended but poignant center of the film’s narrative. Their story, woven into the context of a larger story, adds a personal, human dimension to the film that touches the heart.

The film also delicately touched on the theme of “Piscade Retreats” – a book that gained fame in parallel with the production of the film, which shows the convergence of ideas and the spirit of the times.

“One Peace” is also a tribute to the teachings of John Paul II, which served as a compass for Dr. Butawska for years. The civilization of love that the Holy Father spoke about appears here as a path to true peace, both internal and external.

Watch a movie:

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