“All Holds Fair” – Latkowski’s premiere.  Republic TV broke the conspiracy of silence

Interview before the premiere. Behind the scenes of the scandal the film is about

What is this GetBack scandal about? Adrian Stankowski asked his guest before the movie premiere.

– Three people, including the president, Leszek Czarnicki, founded GetBack for 4-10 million PLN. Later, he sold it to his bank for about PLN 200 million. Everything is handled, and they handle their wallets

Latkovsky said, adding:

GetBack bought receivables, thanks to which the bank’s results increased. Then something happened – they earned PLN 300 million and we are entering the next stage: they sold more than PLN 800 million to the Apres Fund. Leszek Czarniecki, self-proclaimed devastation, embraces 30 million plus. Not to the bank, but in his own pockets $ 30 million for the deal. Of course, there is the question of whether he paid zlotys of tax. Did the Polish state get anything?

The deal looked like this: an old man came with an office in the center of Warsaw, to which you will not be able to get. is a prop — Sylwester Latkowski described in Republic. – There was the Amber Gold scandal and conclusions were to be drawn. Here, the losses are officially more than 3 billion, and there are rumors that there are more. More than 9,000 wounded are ordinary people. Such a strategy was adopted that they began to be called gamblers.

Conspiracy of silence in the media. Boycotted by the Republic of Telewizja

Everyone knows about the behind the scenes of the case, the media has a conspiracy of silence – said Latkovsky, who encouraged him to look at his book, which he wrote on the subject. He added that he had not been sued for the book.

Why did only Telewizja Republika decide to screen the movie?

It was a surprise for me when I got a call from Tomek Sakiewicz. It was Tomek Sakiewicz who said: Sylwester, you know, I’m going to do this movie. “Sylwester,” he says, “I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m going to play it blindly.”” – He said.

– This is not a normal thing in the media, but it should be. You may not agree with my point of view. I’ve talked to most of the heroes about this. You can disagree with me, but everyone has the right to express that

Latkowski added.

Shocking results in the movie “It’s OK. The GetBack Case”

At the beginning of the film, Latkovsky says he doubts the positive outcome of this case. The film contains conversations with sufferers in this condition, including a 73-year-old man whose company bonds were sold as safe. As stated by the victim, GetBack mistook the bank where his pension would come from.

– I knew that I would have a low pension, I knew that money should be kept in order to save myself in bad times. And it turns out that it is better in the stocking than in the bank, – said the guy in Latkowski’s film. The aggrieved party wanted Leszek Czarniecki himself to take a position on the matter and wrote to the Golanta Piekowska and Leszek Czarniecki Foundations on the matter. However, there were problems with the delivery of correspondence, and Sylwester Latkowski, the creator of the film, figured out for himself how to find the headquarters of the Foundation.

There was also behind the scenes Roman Gertich’s lawyer – a lawyer involved in the case – preparing – as shown in the film – the “defense strategy” for Leszek Czarniecki.

– We have received information that lawyer Roman Gertic will handle the case. We didn’t know at the time what it meant that he was supposed to take the case. Before he even attended the first meeting, he managed to bill the bank for hundreds of thousands of zlotys for legal services. We soon discovered his role. Develop a complete defense plan for Lesek Czernicy. He prepared a Supervisory Board Resolution, which we couldn’t see, with a list of actions to take. We were invited to a meeting with Gertich, where we were supposed to analyze the documents he had prepared. It turns out that these are requests to the prosecutor’s office to prosecute our fellow criminals. Even worse, these conclusions differ from the facts that we came to know after the internal audit. Chancellor, I said to Gertich, no one will sign it, because it is not true. And he said, Madam President, it’s not about what’s true and what’s not. The most important thing is to show who the victim is, and the victim is Leszek Czarnicki and Idea Bank. We must point out the guilty parties: Polski Dom Maklerski, former board members, employees. This is the most important. And when it’s over, it doesn’t matter. Now we have to show: it’s them, not us. And if they were acquitted later, no one would remember it, – said one of the people who knew the story behind the scenes, speaking on the film.

Sylwester Latkowski reached out to people who were hurt in the scandal. He also spoke with former GetBack president Konrad Kąkolewski after he was released from custody. The film shows that most of the victims are women over the age of fifty.

KNF President Latkowski emphasized that we are dealing with a “large-scale practice”. It is noteworthy that many people decided to tell about the scenes of the issue under their names and show their faces to the camera.

GetBack was founded in 2012 – it dealt with debt management, and its bonds were provided, among others, by the Idea Bank. In July 2017, GetBack debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In April 2018, in the interests and safety of trading participants, GPW suspended trading in the company’s shares and bonds. The main subject of the GetBack scandal has already reached court, and the indictment is 1,200 pages long.

Source: niezalezna.pl, Telewizja Republika

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