Jean Comasa met his wife in elementary school.  Who is Kenja Kumasa?

Jan Kumasa He rarely talks about his private life. He thinks his films should be discussed instead. However, he did an honest interview with the monthly “Pani”, from which we can find out that the Komas family met at State Primary Music School no. Stanisław Moniuszko in ul. Kawęczyńska in the Praga district of Warsaw.

“I asked her to pay attention to the fifth and sixth grade … Then she wrote such golden thoughts in notebooks and there were a lot of questions: what color do you like and so on, but everyone did not pay attention and only looked at the twenty-sixth question: What are your crush’s initials I always opened these notebooks and saw that JK was with her. And I was very pleased – admitted in “Pani”.

They started dating “seriously” in 8th grade

Kinga and Jan became a couple at the end of elementary school. Unfortunately, during the high school period, their paths diverged – the future director’s wife began to study at Żeromski High School, while he went to Cervantes.

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However, both lacked the closeness they were used to in music school, where “they were all like one family”. This cannot be awarded by multi-person classes at their chosen public high schools.

“We both started looking for her so hard, we met more and more. We got back together,” Jan Comasa said in an interview with Bunny.

The director also admitted that the future wife kept him in trouble for a long time.

Photo: Wojciech Stróżyk / REPORTER / East News

Jan and Kenja Kumas in 2011

They became teenage parents, and fortunately found support in the family

Just before graduating from high school, it turned out that the director’s lover was pregnant. The couple married in 2000, and in 2001 their daughter Maja was born. Jean Comasa was then in the middle of his first year of philosophy. The couple owes a lot to their parents who helped them a lot during this time.

Without our parents’ help, we probably wouldn’t be able to cope. It was difficult for economic reasons mainly because we were young and we had to earn a living.”

He added that they owed a lot, especially to the Kinga family, because she took them under her roof.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Yan Kumasa with his daughter Maja

The director also admitted that his priorities changed when the baby was born. He stopped his studies in philosophy because he decided that he would not be allowed to start a family. Instead, he decided to study at Łódź Film School. So he moved with his wife and young child to Lodz.

“I realized that philosophy was unlikely to allow me to earn enough to support myself and I did not want to put anything off. I set a goal and decided to achieve it. Before exams, I watched a lot of films and prepared myself very carefully. However, this would not have been possible if Kinga and his relatives had not, at the time, taken on most of the responsibilities related to child care.“- He said.

Photo: Jaroslav Antoniak / MW Media

Jan and Kenga Kuma soon become parents

He also added that in Lodz they had to live very modestly with their wives and reduce their needs to a minimum. However, he was lucky and easily entered the profession.

Already in the second year, student etude won an award in Cannes And this “seal” helped me a lot later. Almost immediately I began filming Oda to Joy, for which she received an award in Gdynia ”- the director enumerated.

Yan Komasa also began shooting music videos and commercials, thanks to which he was able to “start working in earnest”.

Photo: Jaroslav Antoniak / MW Media

Jean Comasa, w 2011r.

He was managing early parenthood because he was an older brother

Jan Komasa doesn’t consider parenting wrong for him Turning his world upside down. He is from a large family, he has three brothers (his wife, a king, four), and he is the older brother, so he knew how to take care of children.

“Parenthood shapes me, it’s the best thing in the world. At least for the first 10 years, when your child sees you as an authority, you are gorgeous and wonderful, and your ego grows.– The director laughed in an interview with “Bunny”.

The director confirms that his wife Kinga graduated from Italian studies, loves Italy, and participated in the organization of Polish film festivals in Milan and Rome.

Although he also admitted that when he was filming “Misto 44”, which lasted several days of filming, his family’s life was turned…upside down. He added that he regrets that this lost time with the children will never come back and cannot be regained.

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Jan Comasa: Fatherhood shapes me

Jan Comasa: “I respect what I have. I try to take care of my house”

Although Jan and Kenja Kumas have been together for many years, and their eldest daughter is an adult, they still wish they were together.

“She (Kinga – ed.) has a very French beauty, like Irene Jacob, big plump lips, chestnut hair, milky skin. She is beautiful” – Quotes Jan Komasa’s joy for his wife, Jastrząb Post portal.

People at different stages of their lives have different partners, enter into different types of relationships, and we all learned everything together.. We have changed, so our marriage has also changed ”- also admitted the director in“ Bunny ”.

As mentioned, creation is the most important form of expression for him, but he would not be able to do this without peace in his private life.

Last year, his wife accompanied the director on the red carpet in front of the famous Dolby Theater. At the Academy Award-winning ceremony, Kinga Kumasa wore a beautiful emerald costume made of flowing silk. The dress touched the floor and was slung front and back with a severed leg. The creativity in which the director’s wife looked dazzling was prepared by Polish designers from The Odder Side.


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