Volodymyr Zelensky in strong words to Americans.  “We will intensify attacks on infrastructure.”

Zelensky stressed that the lack of support from the United States means a lack of air defense, forcing Ukraine to gradually retreat on the front.

Zelensky confirmed previous reports by the Financial Times that the US administration was dissatisfied with the Ukrainian attacks on refineries in Russia, which contributed to the rise in crude oil prices. However, the Ukrainian president noted that Washington is unable to prevent Ukraine from carrying out more such attacks, because it is using its own drones.

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– If there is no air defense to protect our energy system and the Russians are attacking it, my question is: why can't we fight back? He said that their society must learn how to live without gasoline, without diesel, without electricity (…), this is fair.

When asked if US President Joe Biden was too cautious about supporting Ukraine, Zelensky replied that Biden was concerned about a possible nuclear attack from Russia. However, Zelensky expressed his belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not take such a risk, although he acknowledged that Putin is unpredictable.

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