May 28, 2023


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The war in Ukraine – what’s going on. Russia is preparing to defend the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Russia for the first time built defensive positions over the reactors of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. This shows that it is increasingly concerned about the possibility of a major Ukrainian attack, as assessed by the British Ministry of Defense.

The Russians are bombing residential houses again. In Mykolaiv, one person was killed and many injured

A Russian missile hit an apartment building in Mykolaiv, a city in southern Ukraine. One person was killed in the attack and several…

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The daily intelligence update included a satellite image showing sandbags being placed on top of some of the six reactors.

As previously mentioned, Russia has controlled the Zaporozhian Nuclear Power Plant in southern Ukraine since March 2022, but this is the first time Russia has included suitable reactor buildings in its tactical defense planning, indicating that it is increasingly concerned about the prospect of a significant Ukrainian presence. hurtful

This move is very likely to increase the chances of damaging the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant’s security systems if there is a fight over it. However, direct catastrophic damage to reactors is unlikely in most realistic scenarios involving infantry weapons as the structures are heavily reinforced. – evaluation.

Parade in Moscow. Disclosure of Russian instructions in the event of an attack by a Ukrainian drone

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