“PS5 exclusives are the best games we've ever seen.”  Jim Ryan says goodbye to Sony, and plans a bright future for the console
29 Mark 2024, 22:04

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has ended his long tenure in the role and is handing over the reins of the company to an interim owner. It looks like Hiroki Totoki.

Image source: Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg


As we reported last year, today marks the end of an era at Sony Interactive Entertainment. Jim Ryan, who has held the position of CEO until now, Retires. Effective April 1, he will be temporarily replaced by Hiroki Totoki, current President, COO and CFO of Sony Group Corporation.

On this occasion, we were able to listen to Ryan W PlayStation PodcastIn which he summarized his 30-year adventure with the Japanese company and presented a vision for its bright future. The (soon-to-be) former president of SIE claims that when he steps down, The PS5 is doing so well that it has a chance to become the most successful console in Sony's history in many ways.

Speaking of the most successful consoles, an interesting fact for PlayStation fans might be the fact that Jim Ryan provided new sales data for the PS2 console (unless he simply compiled old data). Until now taught usBy March 31, 2012, more than 155 million copies of “pees2” had been sold, with the most accurate figure being the subject of… Disagreements and deviations. The former CEO mentioned on the podcast that 160 million PS2 consoles have been sold.

Regarding the future of the company, Jim Ryan stated that the exclusive titles, any Sony Interactive Entertainment Released on PlayStation 5 (M.V. God of War: Ragnarok)In his opinion, “the best we've ever seen.” The CEO also added:

Number of games we have released so far [PS5]at this stage of the cycle [życia konsoli – dop. red.] It far exceeds anything we've ever done, and with the studio investments and acquisitions we've made, the snowball effect is only going to accelerate. We are in a strong position and I believe the future is bright.

As you can see, the retired SIE owner bodes well for good times for the PlayStation brand. Furthermore, Ryan seems confident that he will leave the company in the hands of a “really strong” team.

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