this is the end!  Peter Prevc has ended his professional career.  A big surprise in the world of jumping

Even in spring Peter Brevke He will be only 31 years old and will end his career after the season. According to Slovenian media, the exact reasons for this decision will be announced today at one o'clock in the afternoon at an extraordinary press conference in Planica, where he will participate in the World Cup on the ski jumping hill for the last time. The Gorešek brothers during the World Cup Finals at the famous Litalnica Stadium.

Health problems that end your career?

As the journalists of the “Siol” portal speculate, the reason behind Prevc's decision to end his career so early is Health problems. A long career was not without consequences for the body. Recently, the skater has had most of the problems with his ankle, which underwent surgery a few years ago.

But the exact reasons for his decision will only be known at the 1pm press conference.

However, such a decision comes as a big surprise to everyone, because the Slovenian still has a few seasons left in which he can fight for a place at the top. He currently ranks 13th in the overall World Cup standings. Not long ago he took fifth place during a competition in Wisła. He stayed too world champion ski and fly team, In the recent tournament held in Kulm.

“Adam Males Sports Awards” exhibition in Visła. There we will see the most important achievements of the Polish jumper. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Camille Stoche's big rival is ending his career

Petr Prevc, coming from the most famous ski jumping family in Slovenia, after all, his brothers Domen and Sene, as well as his sister Nika, were successful, and he has a very long list of successes to his credit. He is Olympic champion from Beijing In the mixed team events, he also won two silver and one bronze Olympic medals. He is a three-time world champion in flight, has won three world championship medals and won the overall classification of the World Cup in the 2015/2016 season. He won 23 contests in this series.

He has been a competitor for many years Camille Stoch In the battle for the crystal ball. When the skier from Zub won this trophy in the 2013/14 season, Prevc was in second place and, as a consolation, won the small Crystal Globe for ski flying. The first of three in a row.

The Slovenian skier is one of the greatest figures in the discipline in the 21st century, and his departure would be a big blow for the Slovenians. Everyone is still waiting for the details and reasons for this decision.

Ski jumping. Raw air. Pictured is Peter Brevke/

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