Slovakia suspends delivery of T-72 tanks to Ukraine.  I want more tigers from Germany |  world News

Due to the implementation of the contract between Slovakia and Germany Tensions are rising between the two countries. Soon, German Leopard 2A4s were to be delivered to Bratislava, in exchange for the delivery of 30 T-72 tanks to Ukraine. However, the Slovak government is considering termination of the contract, as the military equipment has not been delivered from Germany to Slovakia, according to the Slovak portal media Slovakia was on the verge of suspending the delivery of its tanks to Ukraine.

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Slovakia. Allegations against the former minister. “I will do the same as Putin.”

Slovakia wants more German tanks

To date, Germany has offered only 15 tanks to the Slovaks, but this is still not enough. Slovak Ministry of Defense He refused this offer. A spokeswoman for the Slovak Defense Ministry, Martina Koval, said the number of tanks on display was insufficient.

“We cannot accept the model agreed by the Czech Republic or other countries that will receive two pieces of exported equipment as a substitute from Germany or another country. Slovakia currently has 30 T-72 tanks, so we are not satisfied with 15 Panthers, we need at least 30th Tank Battalion” – quotes the politician’s words from the Slovak portal

At the same time, the ministry confirmed that it is in talks with NATO allies about other ways to support Ukraine. Slovakia It is considering the delivery of its MiG-29 fighters, when its airspace is guarded by Poland and the Czech Republic. To date, the government in Bratislava has provided Ukraine with weapons worth a total of about 150 million euros, including the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system.

Eduard Heger, Prime Minister of SlovakiaSlovakia loves silence. S-300 delivered to Ukraine and announced it now

Ukraine still lost equipment during the war

He loses more, anyway Ukrainewhich is still suffering heavy losses in its arsenal. According to experts, the war in Ukraine may last for several more months – so all weapons are still urgently needed to repel the enemy’s attack. To date, Poland has sent 250 T-72 tanks and 2S1 Goździk self-propelled howitzers and rocket launchers to Ukraine. hail And air-to-air missiles for Planes MiG-29 and Su-27.

It has already arrived at the German Panzerhaubitze 2000 front along with Ukrainian crews trained in its operations. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov. “This is the sixth type of 155mm howitzer, which strengthens our defense,” he added. Meanwhile, the German government published a complete list of shipments of weapons and military equipment that ended up in Ukraine. More on this in the text below.

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