Kaczyński invited the leaders of the European right to Poland

PiS MP Thomas Puriba said the PiS chair had invited several European Conservative leaders to Warsaw to talk about the future of Europe and current political trends in the EU. Kaczyński, among other things, invited to the meeting the President of the Italian Fraternity Giorgia Meloni, President of the Spanish Fox Santiago Abascala, President of Fides Victor Urbana The president of the association is Matteo Salvini.

Law and Justice Deputy Radoslaw Vogel, who is in charge of the party’s international communications, said a congress of conservative, right-wing and center-right European parties was planned to be held in Warsaw at the beginning of December.

– This is a continuation of what began with the July declaration of right-wing and conservative leaders. As part of an extensive discussion, we will talk about the future of Europe. It will be an attempt to develop our vision for Europe and the European Union in the context of the ongoing debate about the future of Europe, Vogel said.

At the beginning of July this year. Members of conservative right-wing groups whose representatives sit in the European Parliament They signed a joint ideological declaration. The declaration was signed, inter alia, by: PiS President Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Italian Fraternity President Giorgia Meloni, Spanish Fox President Santiago Abascal, Fidesz President Viktor Urban, League President Matteo Salvini, and representatives of dozens of other centre-right parties.

In the declaration, the signatories emphasized that the purpose of their cooperation is a profound reform of the European Union by returning to the ideas that underlie it, with the sovereign role of European states. In addition, the declaration highlights the decline in the confidence of citizens of member states in its institutions, which – according to the signatories – is the result of a “reinterpretation of the content of treaties.”

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