Ukraine for territorial losses.  The Russians must return everything

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that all Ukrainian cities and Crimea should be part of Ukraine again, and real peace will be achieved by restoring the country’s borders.

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“It makes no difference what … any Ukrainian city, they should all be and will be Ukraine again,” Kuleba said, speaking via video link at the Black Sea Security Conference in Bucharest.

Black Sea threats

Earlier, he indicated that “NATO should play a greater role in the security field in the Black Sea region and integrate Ukraine’s air defense with the defense of the alliance’s members.”

– Kuleba said that the Black Sea is necessary for the security of the whole of Europe and for it to be oriented towards the future. Unfortunately, this is also an example of how quickly things can go wrong if risks are neglected. He added that the time has come to turn the Black Sea into what the Baltic Sea has become – the NATO Sea.

main grain route

Ukraine’s Black Sea coast has been an important stretch of front since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine last year. This sea is a major trade route for both Moscow and Kiev for grain exports. Russia’s closure of trade routes in 2022 threatened a food crisis on a global scaleBut thanks to the efforts of the United Nations and Turkish mediation, the danger was averted by developing the so-called grain deals.

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