February 4, 2023


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Viktor Orban spoke with Vladimir Putin.  He invited him to peace talks

Viktor Orban spoke with Vladimir Putin. He invited him to peace talks

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced at a press conference that he had spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin and invited him to Hungary for “peace talks” that will also involve the presidents of Ukraine, France and the German chancellor. Putin also appealed for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

“We still see our future in the European Union,” Orban said at the conference, adding that Hungary is and will remain a member of NATO. He also expressed his conviction that a conference on European security should be convened as soon as possible.

Orban spoke with Putin

Orban said he spoke with Putin on Wednesday and “suggested” him to “immediately” impose a ceasefire in Ukraine. He also said that he invited Putin to “peace talks” in Hungary, in which the presidents of Ukraine and France and the chancellor of Germany will also participate. He added that the Russian president’s response was “positive”, but that Putin would “set the conditions.” – I can’t negotiate these terms. He added that it should be created by the presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

– Russia started this war. They attacked Ukraine, this is aggression. The Hungarian Prime Minister said that this is the common position of the European Union that Hungary shares.

The Kremlin confirmed in a statement that Putin and Orban spoke by phone on Wednesday.

Victor UrbanAndy Ryan/PAP/EPA

Orban: We will not give in to pressure to extend sanctions against Russia

But Orban said the Hungarians would not be pressured to extend sanctions against Russia over gas and oil imports. – He added: – We also have no problem with possible payments for Russian gas in rubles.

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He also said Hungary should strengthen its alliance with Poland, which is a “strategic ally in the European Union”.

Main image source: Andy Ryan/PAP/EPA