France.  The woman lost part of her nose to cancer.  A new one "slept" on her forearm |  world News

Sick from Toulouse in France He was treated in 2013 with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for nasal cavity cancer big part of the nose. Despite many attempts by local doctors to reconstruct the nose, it was not possible to restore the lost part of the body.

French doctors performed a nose transplant that grew on the forearm

After several unsuccessful nose reconstructions on a patient treated years ago with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, French doctors suggested using custom-made biological materials.

A few days ago, the hospital in Toulouse reported on social media that the ENT and cervical surgery teams at the University Hospital and the Institut Claudius Rigaud had performed a nose reconstruction using 3D-printed biomaterial at IUCT-Oncopole.

This unusual experiment was based on the fact that the patient herself “slept” on her own the new the nose. First, the nose was made from a 3D-printed biomaterial to replace cartilage. next one planted on a woman’s arm. Doctors used skin too planted from the temples. Within two months, a new nose “grown” on the patient’s arm and remained there planted on her face.

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France. Successful nose transplant

According to the French doctors, the patient’s condition is very good, but he is still being monitored under the IUCT-Oncopole. “Today the transplant was a success,” medics said.

The post on social media ended by congratulating the oncology teams for their “daily routine.” workAnd especially for those who “made this procedure possible”! There are nearly 100 comments under this post, where people are congratulating doctors on this extraordinary achievement. The post has been shared by over 150 users.

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