February 1, 2023


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Lukashenka is building a port, although Belarus does not have access to the sea.  Putin will help

Lukashenka is building a port, although Belarus does not have access to the sea. Putin will help

The Belarusian government decided to build a port in the northeastern part of Russia in Leningrad Oblast. According to Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko, a large amount of Belarusian goods, including fertilizers, will be transported through the port. However, he did not mention the exact location, date and cost of the project. Adding only that the port will be operational before the end of the year.

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According to the Belta news agency, Belarus is currently cooperating with nine Russian ports located on different seas. Activities are carried out on the basis of principles favorable to both countries. He himself indicated the construction site of the Belarusian port, which will be located near St. Petersburg Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In mid-May, information appeared on Telegram that Putin and Alexander Lukashenko They discussed the details of the construction. The new port should appear next to the Bronca port. Earlier, Lukashenko said that Belarus will not return to transiting goods through Ukraine and Lithuania.

A meeting is scheduled to discuss the construction of the port today. “We have long dreamed of it. The Russian Federation gave us such an opportunity. There is no obstacle on the part of the President of Russia, with whom I negotiated these issues.” Lukashenko said, citing Bildt. Lukashenko stressed that construction should be done efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

Belarusian dictator from the beginning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Supports Putin’s regime. On February 24, Lukashenko enabled the Russian army to attack Ukraine from his country’s territory. The goal of the Russians was to quickly capture Kyiv, and the troops sent from Belarus had the shortest route to the Ukrainian capital.

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