June 9, 2023


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Vibak talks about a possible match between Keys and Williams.  Tennis "The Butterfly Meets a Tank"

Vibak talks about a possible match between Keys and Williams. Tennis “The Butterfly Meets a Tank”

Serena Williams (1208. WTA) received an invitation from the organizers a few days ago and will be able to play singles. The wild cards were handed over to the British: Katie Poulter, Judy Borage, Sonai Kartal, Yutiko Miyazaki and Katie Swan.

Rafael Nadal with the 2022 Roland Garros CupHowever, despite the problems, he can play at Wimbledon. “I haven’t been lame in a week”

“I’m afraid it will end soon, even as some give up on the match.”

Therefore, Serena Williams will start the tournament from the first round. Due to the fact that she will play with a wild card, it is possible to find in the lottery, for example, the best tennis player in the world – Iga schwietik.

The most media champion of the upcoming Wimbledon edition will be Serena Williams and her fantastic comeback. I’m afraid these are vain hopes. I’m afraid it will end soon, some even give in to the match. Of course, I don’t want her injuries, but training and playing is one thing, and playing in the tournament is another. Looks like he’s going to play doubles in some preparatory tournament. This is to help her. It will likely be a media comeback rather than a tennis comeback, Wojciech Vibak, the former Polish top tennis player, said in an interview with Polsat Sport.

There is no doubt that the Świątek – Serena Williams match will be a real hit for great tennis players and a clash of generations. The 40-year-old American, a 23-time Grand Slam winner, will face a new tennis star, 19 years younger than her and a two-time winner. Roland Garros. Turf has been known to have been Serena Williams’ kingdom for years (as much as 87.7% of career wins, balance: 107 wins, 15 losses), but the best years of his career were behind him. on the other side Iga Wetek You feel better on clay, and you’ve only played 19 games on grass.

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– Iga will be dominated by speed of movement around the field and agility. You will be a butterfly in an encounter with a tank. I don’t want Serena to equalize Iga in the first round – Wojciech Vibak added.

Hubert Hurkacz at Roland Garros in 2022.Hurkacz is the king of tie breaks. He defeated Siddiq and qualified for the semi-finals in Halle

Wimbledon It will start on Monday 27 June.