March 22, 2023


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A Spanish judge will rule on Lewandowski Picnon's red card

A Spanish judge will rule on Lewandowski Picnon’s red card

Robert Lewandowski He got his first red card in colours F.C.B. First, the Polish striker received a yellow card for holding his opponent’s hand, then a second yellow card for his brutal attack on Osasuna defender David Garcia. Nada, nada (Spanish for nothing, nothing) – shout Robert Lewandowski In Spanish to the referee after a foul on defender Osasuna. Later The Polish striker asked the referee in English, and received a second yellow card.

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The former arbitrator is assessing the situation with Robert Lewandowski. “In one of them he can get a straight red card.”

Former Spanish referee Alfonso Pérez Borol commented on Robert Lewandowski’s yellow cards in the match against Osasson on Radio Marca. According to the previous referee, Lewandowski could see a direct red card in one of the situations. “The first card is, in my opinion, overstated because this situation has not cut off the promising attack in any way,” Burol said.

– The second situation is clear, because Robert Lewandowski attacked the neck of Osasuna defender David Garcia with his elbow. It can be considered that Lewandowski received a direct red card – added the former Spanish referee in the “Marcador” program. Two yellow cards mean that Robert Lewandowski will not play in the derby against Espanyol, which will take place on December 31 this year – this is the first match after the World Cup in Qatar.

Robert Lewandowski received his third red card in his career. The first Polish striker witnessed the match between Znicz Prochkow and JKS Katowice (2:1) in August 2007. In turn, in Borussia Dortmund (Feb 2013) Lewandowski saw a straight red card in competition with HSV Hamburg (1:4).

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