USA: Stopped for a burger and won a fortune in the lottery

The 57-year-old bought a lottery ticket and won PLN 200,000. dollar. His lucky break came during his weekly ritual when he stopped for a burger. A Michigan resident announced what he plans to spend his winnings on.

The lucky winner is a 57-year-old man from Berrien County, Michigan, USA.

“I go to Chatterbox every week for burger night, and I always buy some Club Keno raffle tickets while I'm there,” he said, according to Fox News.

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He added: “The drawings were about to end and I only won four dollars, so I thought this is what would happen.”

USA: He stopped for a burger and won PLN 200,000. dollar

As it turned out, the 57-year-old scored much more than that. Winning the Club Keno lottery depends on the correct betting numbers and betting money. The man managed to match 10 out of 20 numbers correctly, allowing him to win $100,000.

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However, because the 57-year-old paid the 'bonus', his prize was doubled – meaning he won a total of PLN 200,000. Dollars, which is approximately 800 thousand. Zloty.

The man announced that with the winnings he intended to pay bills, buy a house, and save money for retirement.


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