Houston |  Beyoncé's country album celebrates her hometown

(Houston) “We're so proud of her”: In Houston, Beyoncé fans, with cowboy hats on their heads and smiles on their faces, celebrated the release of the diva's first country album.

In the Texas town where “Queen B” was born, a special evening was held to mark the album's release on Friday. Cowboy CarterA world star's powerful tribute to black country culture.

Roller skates on their feet, dozens of fans swayed to the album's 27 tracks, played by a DJ for the open-air show.

Photo by Marc Felix, Agence France-Presse

Beyoncé fans slide while listening to the album at Discovery Greens Cowboy CarterMarch 29 in Houston.

“She's from the South, she's from Texas […] It was only a matter of time before he released a full country album! », exclaims Valeria Pascual, a participant of the event.

With this new album, the 42-year-old singer pays homage to her origins and dusts off the image of country music being reserved for white and male artists.

“Can't a black girl do country music? Nothing! Beyoncé can do any genre of music, and all black women can do whatever they want,” says Lindsey Kukan, who came to skate with friends in a cowboy hat.

Photo by Marc Felix, Agence France-Presse

A Beyonce fan

“Beyoncé always makes sure to remind us of that, and that's what I love about her,” the Texan continues with a big smile, “and we're so proud of her.”

In 2016, the singer was the target of conservatives after singing her country hit Dad lessonsDuring the awards of the association of this music genre.

“His new album is simply brilliant,” says Lashriya Hadley. “It gives us a sense of the origins of country music. “A lot of people don't know that country music started with us African-Americans,” says the nurse.

Folk music traces America's African-American roots to the banjo, used by African slaves deported to the continent and the Caribbean. But black artists have historically been kept out of it.

“I love that it pays tribute to so many great black artists who started in country but unfortunately got kicked out,” says Austin Davis Ruiz.

“It's his best album,” he believes. “I find it very thoughtful, very fresh and different from anything she's done before.”

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