Drwall's famous sandwich is back at McDonald's.  We know the price

Many Poles are anxiously awaiting the reappearance of the Drwall sandwich at all McDonald’s restaurants. It turned out that the famous movie “Lumberjack” was previously shown on some sites of the American series. Officially, the sandwich is expected to return to the full range later this week.

Customers of the McDonald’s chain of restaurants associate the fall and winter months with the famous Drwall sandwich. Every year many people go to famous chain of restaurants to eat just to eat ‘Drwal’. It will probably be no different this year, and young people have been asking when the winter menu will be available for some time.

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Official return on November 24

According to the network, the popular Drwal sandwich will be available on November 24. A year ago, it was also introduced in the last days of November. At the same time, according to reports from Internet users, the sandwich has already appeared on sale before the premiere.

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