June 6, 2023


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Spain and Poland: the number of injuries, deaths and new data

Spain and Poland: the number of injuries, deaths and new data

The number of new cases in Spain is increasing rapidly day by day. On December 16 it was announced 28,900 daily injuries.

At the same time, the graph showing the number of Covid deaths remains flat. On Thursday it was reported 48 daily deaths on COVID-19 and the average over the past seven days is 49.

Regarding the emergence of a highly contagious disease in Spain Variant of Omikron The country’s health minister Carolina Daria not ruled out Forced social isolation after Christmas. – First of all, vaccination should be taken and preventive measures taken – and she emphasized at the same time.

A wave of infections but not death It is a new phenomenon in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It occurs mainly in countries with a high level of “vaccination” of the population. Recently, we described this phenomenon using an example Great Britain, Ireland and PortugalRead more about it. Experts explain that COVID-19 vaccines significantly reduce the risk of serious illness and death.

There have been 5.42 million infections and 88,667 deaths in Spain since the outbreak began, affecting 47 million people.

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