Ubisoft – a synonym for a good price.  Why do French publisher games become cheaper after they are released?

Today, the publisher’s most famous division is Team Montreal, formerly known as the Promised Land for current and future game developers. Ubisoft is an interesting case. Here is a company that has set many years of standards in strictly open-world games, often making a mix of genres, falling victim to its own creativity. True or false, we will try to answer this question today. Another problem remains, more interesting from the point of view of the wealth of our wallets.

Not every major or minor offering of French games inflates the price ceiling, plus it gets cheaper immediately after the premiere period. This happens in each individual case. Faced with the new generation of gaming hardware, Ubisoft, as one of the few publishers, has not raised the prices of its games. However, the company is still harassed by planting blueprints that have become a standard (not required) among developers over the years. Ubisoft – hate deservedly or in principle?


The very successful previous generation is actually the majority of open world games. In fact, the possibility of relative freedom to move around the game world is beginning to be shared everywhere. Of course, everything has its limits. Every single address has limitations, greater or less. Only titles from Bethesda (Skyrim, Fallout) are really huge domains. Although the company has got us used to the quality of the premiere contract, where the players help themselves by creating various mods. However, this is a story for an entirely different entry. Meanwhile, Ubisoft launched in 2007 with the most intense gaming environment, Assassin’s Creed (2007, Ubisoft Montreal). The tech revolution turned out to be a light festival full of bugs, but the visual impact was fun in the end.

We’ve never moved before with so many NPCs who kind of live their own lives. There have been complaints about the schematic nature of the main missions and the small amount of side activities. Admittedly, the cartographic trend has not yet been born. This is what happened with the Venetian song starring Ezio Auditor da Florence himself. When Patrice Desilets took over production, Assassin’s Creed II became one of the fall’s biggest hits of the 2009 season. It is still referred to as the best part of the series to this day. This is where the phenomenon known in the West as “Ubification” begins. Assassin’s Creed II kicked off the trend of pumping tons of side-actions into the open worlds. The rise of this phenomenon presents first with the subsequent annual games on occult doctrine. The biggest achievement was the release of Far Cry 3 (2012), which combined the features of several genres into one. Since then, the entire developer community has begun to implement similar schemes in their own projects. Most of the time they were real hits.

Starting with Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone or even The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (here we also climb the “towers”). Many of the open-world productions are heavily inspired by the concept started by AC II and developed by Far Cry III. After all, you always get a French publisher. It sometimes seems as if haters, unable to question the high quality of a particular game, are clinging to solutions Ubisoft started years ago. Is it a hatred of principle, or is it perhaps rational? We still have to remember something like the gameplay settings. It’s okay to turn off all the “signals”, right? Try to do this in any recent open word. Almost one hundred percent of immersion, I know from the autopsy.

Price = Quality?

Ubisoft - a new game from Assassins

In the gaming industry, this concept is becoming less respected, or vice versa. For example, Jim Ryan explains the high prices of Sony games as a “principle of quality”. We all know the brands of the PlayStation division, they are of high quality. This is now an excuse for a new pricing standard. However, many players objected to this, as evidenced by the rapid price cuts. It has always been different with Ubisoft. The company has never raised the price of the software. Despite this, they produce at least a few of them annually. There is no need to mention the bigger brands like Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry. Currently, their publication cycle is approximately two or three years of expectations.

Inspired by the Wild Hunt, the Assassin transformation works just for the brand. Orgins, Oddysey or Vallhalla are currently mixed genres, the giant providing dozens of hours of fun, with an interesting narrative and the world presented. Indeed, giants like Electronic Arts or Activision Blizzard (the questionable quality of Diablo II: Ressurected) are struggling with a much smaller wave of obnoxious players. And today’s gaming community is the fruit of a truly cynical nature. Unlike the competition, Ubisoft immediately pushed back the release date of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Restoration, when audiences expressed their opposition to the quality shown in the trailer. Could you?

I am not defending Ubisoft because it is a very difficult task. On the other hand, the company has been using the same conservatism in its games for years. On the other hand, do not raise prices. Other developers have also used gameplay concept creation patterns over the years. It is not without reason that we are talking about a “ubi-game” today, if a certain title takes place in an open area, with many codes for additional activities. Is the French publisher then treated unfairly? Judge for yourself.

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