United States of America.  Unvaccinated officers may lose their jobs

– My question is: What is the impact on national security if we do this (ie the duty to vaccinate comes into effect – ed.)? – said a Republican politician, quoted by the Associated Press. We are likely to lay off thousands of people in one day. It’s not like we can put an ad online and people will report it by Thursday, he added.

The new regulations come into effect on November 23

The congressman demanded that more exceptions be added to allow federal workers not to comply with vaccination requirements. The regulations go into effect on November 23. Still, Stewart said that by late October, some of the 18 intelligence agencies had taken 20 percent. Unvaccinated workers, and in at least one case that percentage is 40 percent.

Another panel member, Democrat Jason Crowe, disputed Stewart’s assessment, saying the agencies were doing “well” with vaccination progress.

The PA politician said: – If someone is not willing to do what is necessary to protect the health of themselves and their individual, that puts into question their ability to do their job well.

Exact vaccination data is unknown. The only services that have reported the vaccination rate for their employees is the CIA, where 97% have adopted the COVID-19 vaccine. employees, and the Pentagon’s National Reconnaissance Office, where that level is 90 percent.

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