King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia made a groundbreaking decision.  “They broke centuries of tradition.”

There are a lot of headlines online about the revolution in the Spanish royal family. Given the upcoming important celebrations in these circles, changes can be expected regarding the people working for King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. Are you curious about what the famous couple decided to do?

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Will King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia break tradition? It's about the “right hand”

The changes widely reported by the media concern the Queen's Secretary, a person in a very responsible position. Not only is it a channel of communication between the Queen and the rest of the world, but it also supports the Queen in her daily duties. What can we read in the foreign press about this topic? “Felipe and Letizia have made a historic decision to break the centuries-old tradition of the Spanish royal family,” we read from an informant in “Hello”. A woman is set to hold the position of Queen's Secretary in the near future, the first such change in the country's history. It must be Maria Dolores Ocaña Madrid. According to foreign reports, the woman is scheduled to begin performing her duties on April 30. She will replace the Queen's longtime secretary, Jose Manuel Zuleta. He worked for the Spanish royal family in the mid-1990s.

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Queen Letizia is implementing many changes. She's been going crazy with her hair lately

The Spanish Queen recently underwent an image makeover. She went to the hairdresser and updated her look a little wosw. new Hairstyle It was a huge success, as confirmed by our designer Michel Musial. Queen Letizia chose to make a radical cut. She chose a very trendy one that matches current trends trends, geometrical shape. The expert said that a perfectly straight haircut made her look fashionable and refreshed her image. – The timeless long haircut with a dark, saturated color looks amazing. He points out that it is sharp, but at the same time very elegant. For images related to the topic, please visit the gallery at the top of the page.

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