USA. Niedźwiedź wszedł do sklepu i chodził między półkami. Do sieci trafiło zaskakujące wideo

A few days ago, an unusual visitor appeared in one of the supermarkets in Los Angeles. A bear weighing 60 kg wandered between store shelves as if nothing had happened, and then left. An unusual video from a pet’s visit to a supermarket has been added to the network.

This unusual incident occurred last Saturday, August 7, in Los Angeles, California. A little bear decided to visit one of the Ralphs stores.

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carry in the store. Unusual video conquers the web

A 60kg bear walked into the grocery store and started wandering between the shelves, ignoring other customers. After a short time, he decided to leave the market. As reported by local media, Buyers are shocked by the situation. However, some tried to pet the four-legged a little.

A witness to the event recorded the unusual visit of a bear in a store. The video instantly swept social media and conquered the network.

The animal did not do any serious damage. Witnesses to the event, after the dog left the shop, immediately notified the relevant services. It turns out that Police also recently received reports of other bears in the city.

The pet from the store was quickly tracked down by the officers. Services put the bear to sleep, then Move it to its proper place.

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