Behind the scenes of the European Union summit.  There are still two obstacles in Tusk’s way

  • Leaders of the three major factions in the European Parliament have reached an agreement on personnel. Ursula von der Leyen is set to become President of the European Commission again, Antonio Costa to lead the European Council, and Kaja Kallas the head of EU diplomacy.
  • It remains a controversial issue whether Costa will hold his position for two and a half years or five years. The European People’s Party, which Tusk represents in the negotiations, decided to play more forcefully than expected
  • Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was on the sidelines of Monday’s talks. We hear from the Polish delegation: “Her support is not decisive for us.”
  • However, concluding an agreement with the Italian opposition – the third power in the EU – would be a violation of a long-standing practice. And cause more problems
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