Blue Monday 2022. What is this?  The darkest day of the year

blue monday (“blue” means “blue” but also “sad”) falls on the third Monday of January every year and is considered The darkest day of the year.

Why is Blue Monday celebrated today? There are several factors to this. First, it’s quite possible that we just realized that our New Year’s resolutions have become empty promises again. Again, we did not persevere in the assurances we made ourselves.

blue monday It may also be related to the weather, which is still not favorable for a good mood in the middle of January. Outside the window it is gloomy and cold, it darkens early, we miss the sun and sunlight.

In 2022, the fact that we are living in a pandemic for the second year in a row also plays an important role. these years blue monday So it is also the result of the exhaustion that has plagued the epidemic for months, and the lack of close and limited contacts with people.

Who can be affected by Blue Monday the most? Experts suggest that people between the ages of 20 and 30, especially women, are most at risk.

However, experts warn that z blue monday Care must be taken as it can have the effect of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, it is good to answer for yourself how much your well-being depends on the interpretation of external information and messages. blue monday It may be related to a negative attitude, a focus on worse aspects of reality, or a loss of motivation to act. In the meantime, concerns about the third Monday of the year are usually exaggerated.

Experts, consider whether blue monday It is a media myth or an opportunity to talk about depression, they recommend that you approach this day with a positive attitude. However, in the event of a prolonged low mood, they seek professional help.

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