United Kingdom: Life imprisonment for a nurse.  The newborn, aged 33, was killed

An absolute life sentence, with no possibility of applying for parole – such was the sentence handed down on Monday by Lucy Letby, 33. She was charged with the murder of seven newborn children and the attempted murder of six others.

After a nine-month trial, Lucy Letby was sentenced to life imprisonment by Her Majesty’s Court in Manchester, without the possibility of parole. The woman was supposed to kill the children Give them insulin Or inject a small amount of air.

The court established that the 33-year-old Five boys and two girls were killed. The murders took place at Chester Hospital in northern England, where Libby was working. The woman at that time was about 20 years old.

from the beginning of the case Lucy Litby pleaded not guilty.

Do not regret

Judge James Goss, who was handling the case, had no doubts about the verdict.

– she was harsh, A calculated and cynical campaign of killing that includes the smallest and most vulnerable people He said during the sentencing.

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– In your actions were profound Animosity borders on sadism. You have no regrets. He added that there were no mitigating factors.

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