"Oh my God, don't look there."  She had such a scene on the plane for five hours - o2

TikTokerka named ninadrama shared a recording from the plane with netizens. In the video posted on the web, you can see a passenger sitting next to her… cutting his nails. The video also shows a close-up of Nina’s face, who, seeing the situation, grabs her head and gets a reflex.

A passenger was cutting his nails on the plane. people’s reaction

“I’m stuck for five hours of flying. Wish me luck,” she wrote in the video description. It didn’t take long for netizens to respond. There were comments criticizing the behavior of the passenger seated next to the post.

“God, do not look there”; “I would die if I were you”; “It should be illegal” – netizens comment. “Why didn’t you summon the hostess?” – Someone else is surprised in the comments.

Still others wonder how the passenger managed to do this Bring a nail clipper on board.

Internet users suggest that the video be viewed

“Did he inhale his hand? If not, then everything is fine” – users of the site jokingly calm down; “And what did you expect in economy class?” – Moderators tell the writer of the video. Someone even suggested that the video was planned by TikTokerka and that her nails were clipped by someone from her friends or family.

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