Red Dead Redemption on Switch is an “impressive” port.  The game looks better than the Xbox 360 version

Red Dead Redemption is enjoying a lot of interest in the Polish PlayStation Store, but we can also suspect that many gamers have decided to purchase the game in the Nintendo Switch version. Digital Foundry’s Big N hardware test launch yields some positives.

Specialists from Great Britain have already provided their impressions of Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation consoles, but the version on Nintendo Switch deserves a separate article. And the digital foundry confirms this The title runs on a small screen at 720p (like Xbox 360), but after displaying on a large screen we get native 1080p.

In direct comparison to the original Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, Red Dead’s giant landscapes benefited from the massive increase in sharpness on the Switch. Distant details are better defined, and a higher pixel count generally reduces faint noise—noise—in fine details like fences.

In terms of resolution, Red Dead Redemption on Nintendo Switch is identical to the PlayStation 4 version, but Sony hardware uses AMD FSR2, which has a positive effect on image quality.

In fact, at 1080p we’re already essentially matching the original resolution of the primary PS4. However, the native resolution is not the only factor affecting image quality. After all, the type of anti-aliasing plays a huge role in sorting out flicker, noise, and other visual artifacts. Unfortunately – but perhaps inevitably – the Switch game uses FXAA anti-aliasing in post-processing, while the PS4 version could benefit from temporal hyper-sampling thanks to AMD’s FSR2. In fact, FXAA doesn’t look as good as 2x MSAA in the original Xbox 360, but the GPU load will be much lower.

However, you should be aware that in many respects, Red Dead Redemption hasn’t received a lot of changes on the Nintendo Switch compared to the Xbox 360 – for example, the level of detail of the architecture and vegetation is identical, which means that the buildings appear at the same distance as on the Xbox 360. The biggest problem with the Nintendo version, according to Digital Foundry, is the low quality of texture filtering on the floor.

In the case of Fluid, the developers have provided 30 FPS, Which is not surprising in this case.

We’re running at 30fps on the Switch, and to be honest, given that the game runs at 1080p at all of these settings, it’s reasonable to see 30fps more here than on the PS4.

For dessert, you can check out our latest comparison.

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