Co trzeci rosyjski wojskowy z tak zwanej brygady "katów Buczy" walczył wcześniej w Syrii po stronie reżimu Baszara Assada - informują ukraińskie media. Ukraiński wywiad poinformował wcześniej, że rosyjscy żołnierze, którzy mieli się dopuścić zbrodni na ludności cywilnej w Buczy, po wycofaniu na Białoruś wracają na front na Ukrainie.

Ukrainian media reported that every third of the Russian military from the so-called “Kati Bossi” brigade had previously fought in Syria on the side of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Ukrainian intelligence reported earlier that Russian soldiers who allegedly committed crimes against the civilian population of Bokza are returning to the front in Ukraine after withdrawing to Belarus.

Journalists analyzed the lists of personal data of soldiers of the 155th Pacific Brigade published by the Ukrainian military intelligence – this brigade was one of the units stationed in the towns near Kyiv.

At least 24 of the 82 Russian soldiers have fought in Syria. The rest were very young Most of them are military personnel aged 20-22.

The media points out that It is the younger ones who are very active in social media, threatening Ukrainians with death.

The massacre in Bokza is “the tip of the iceberg”. What happened in Borodzianka?

According to the Ukrainian services, some of them are now scheduled to again strike the front near Kharkiv. From Belarus, where they are currently residing, today they will be transported by rail to Belgorod, Russia. From there, it pushes them to one of their most effective points.

Intelligence claims that the unit faces some special tasks, because usually after the withdrawal the soldiers have more time to replenish.

“Certainly, the notoriously ruthless army is supposed to intimidate the inhabitants of the villages in the Kharkiv region,” Ukrainian intelligence said in a statement. The interview warned that “those who committed the genocide in Bocza could repeat it in other cities”.

He did not rule out that their immediate transfer to the front might involve getting rid of unsuitable witnesses and perpetrators of civil massacre.

“These soldiers have very little chance of surviving on this part of the front,” claims the Ukrainian special military services.

After the Russian troops began to withdraw from the northern part of the Kyiv region, the Ukrainian forces entered the towns they had occupied earlier, including Bokza. The recordings and photos that were later revealed showed many bodies left in the streets and mass graves, and people shot dead with their hands tied.

Up to 300 people can be buried in a mass grave near the church.

“Russian forces killed all who served Ukraine in Bokza, raped women in front of children, and crushed people in cars with tanks for fun,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the UN Security Council.

. added Bucha is just one of many examples of Russian crimes.

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