United Kingdom, Gatwick.  Man with immobility died while trying to leave the plane

The accident occurred at Gatwick Airport in Great Britain. The man with limited mobility did not want to wait for help from the staff and decided to get off the plane himself. This attempt ended tragically.

The accident occurred at Gatwick Airport aboard an EasyJet plane. The man with limited mobility, who was traveling with his partner, did not wait for help from the staff and decided to get off the plane himself. An airport spokesperson said staff helped three other people with mobility issues, including the deceased’s partner, during this time.

The man had to travel a short distance to the escalator from the runway to the airline’s envelope, which takes passengers to the North Terminal. The police are investigating the causes and circumstances of the passenger’s death. It is known that, despite the first aid given to him by the airline staff before the arrival of paramedics, the man could not be saved.

Expert: The needs of people with disabilities are not a priority for airports

According to the airport authorities, it is “normal” for a crew member to assist three disabled people who need assistance at a short distance from the seat to the wheelchair while waiting for them.

Experts disagree. Frank Gardner commented, ‘I know how frustrated it is when you watch all the other passengers disembark, and are left alone on an empty plane waiting for the ground crew to bring you a wheelchair and help you out’. A journalist who deals with security issues. The recent accident should in theory lead to better treatment of disabled passengers and people with reduced mobility. However, in the past, their needs did not appear to be a priority at many British airports, he assessed.

Main image source: wikipedia.org

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