Russia attacked Ukraine.  US President Joe Biden: Russia will pay a heavy price for its aggression

Six days ago, US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday in his first state of the country address that Vladimir Putin wanted to shake the foundations of the free world, but he miscalculated. As he added, the Ukrainians inspired the world with their resistance. He stressed that “the US forces will defend with all their might every allied land.”

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– Putin thought that he would enter Ukraine and that the world would make way for him. Instead, he encountered a wall of strength he had never imagined. He met the Ukrainians Joe Biden. From President Zelensky to a Ukrainian soldier – their courage, fearlessness and determination inspire the world. Groups of citizens repel tanks with their bodies. The president said that everyone, from students to retirees, is defending their homeland, and invited guests gathered at Congress to show their solidarity with Ukraine.

Joe Biden pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin He bid. History has taught us that when dictators do not pay the price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They are going further, and the costs and threats to America and the world are rising, he admitted. – Putin thought the West and NATO would not respond. And it could divide us into the country. But he did not swear. We are united. He stressed that Putin was wrong and we were ready.

Biden: Russia will pay a heavy price for aggression

The US leader also announced the closure of US airspace to Russian aircraft in the wake of the European Union and Canada. He added that America would confront the oligarchy, seize their homes and yachts, and emphasized that Russia would pay a heavy price for the aggression.

“Today I am talking to the Russian oligarchs and the corrupt leaders who stole billions thanks to this brutal regime: enough,” Biden declared, referring to the sanctions aimed at seizing the assets of the oligarchy that have been introduced in recent days. He also announced the establishment of the Department of Justice, which will investigate violations of the law by them.

He added that the restrictions imposed on Russia had already had a shocking effect. “The Russian economy is shaking and Putin himself is responsible for this,” he said.

The president admitted that the coming days and weeks of war would be very difficult for Ukrainians, but stressed that even if Russia captured the battlefield, it would never be able to subjugate Ukraine and would pay a heavy price for it. “The proud and independent Ukrainian nation for 30 years will not allow anyone to withdraw his country” from this path, he added.


“Our forces will not go to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but to defend our NATO allies in case Putin decides to go to the West,” Biden said. The United States and our allies will defend every inch of the territory of both countries For this By the full force of our combined strength – he added.

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