March 20, 2023


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Shame on humanity.  Found on Mars - O2

Shame on humanity. Found on Mars – O2

NASA has announced the shocking discovery that the persistent rover recently found it on the surface of Mars. This time it is not a beautiful rock formation or a specific biological specimen. Unfortunately, this is much worse.

Garbage has already appeared on Mars

In images provided by a planetary spacecraft to the space agency, scientists have noticed what appears to be a piece of aluminum foil stuck between the rocks. This sight surprised even the most experienced researcher.

Scientists are trying to find out where human trash comes from on the Red Planet. According to one hypothesis, it may be a piece of a thermal blanket attached to a special rocket backpack used during the rover’s landing on Mars.

This version, however, leaves many doubts. The perseverance landing was made two kilometers from the place where the chip was found. “Did this piece land here later or was it brought by the wind?” – NASA specialists ask in the post on Facebook.

Humanity’s “visiting card”

Netizens are terrified of cosmic discovery. Admittedly, the fact that humanity is already polluting an untouched planet is worrisome. There have been a lot of critical comments under the NASA post.

Perseverance – please clean up after yourself. Someone wrote, I hope you can handle this mess.

Pollution without being physically there: This is the next level – another internet user commented.

I think it won’t be long before we start seeing soda bottles, discarded junk food packaging, and plastic trash on Mars. Someone else noted, maybe we need to send a broom to actually start cleaning.

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