UN chief warns: Humanity is on the highway to hell
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise, global temperatures are still rising, and our planet is fast approaching a tipping point.
  • Guterres called for a “historic treaty” between developed and developing countries
  • The 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) kicked off on Sunday. Delegates there discuss, among other things, compensation for damages associated with global warming for poor countries
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The President of the United Nations stressed that the current countries At the top of COP27 They face a serious choice: either they will work together to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, or they will pollute future generations with a climate catastrophe. Guterres stressed that “humanity has a choice: cooperate or die.”

Greenhouse gas emissions are constantly rising, global temperatures are still rising, and our planet is rapidly approaching a tipping point where climate chaos will become irreversible. We are now “on the highway to climate hell, keeping our foot on the accelerator,” he warned.

He stressed that the war in Ukraine and other conflicts had serious consequences, but they could not distract from climate change.

Guterres called for a “historic agreement” between developed and developing countries to reduce emissions and keep global temperature rise to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. He also talked about the need to provide financial aid to developing countries so that they can reduce emissions and switch to the so-called green economy.

The rest of the text is below the video.

Delegates from nearly 200 countries came to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt on Sunday for the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27, where they discussed, among other things, offsetting the damage associated with global warming to poor countries. This controversial topic has been put on the agenda for the first time since climate talks began a decade ago.

The world’s governments hope to maintain their goal of avoiding the worst effects of global warming, even as other crises erupt – from war in Europe to rising inflation, which are receiving international attention.

Poland is represented at the summit by President Andrzej Duda.

At last year’s COP26 summit in Glasgow, high-income countries, including the US and EU countries, blocked a proposal to create a body to financially compensate for damages caused by climate change, for which developing countries have little responsibility. However, the pressure to deal with the problem is growing with the increasing scale of the climate catastrophe, including floods in Pakistan this year. Reuters reported that it caused damage estimated at more than 30 billion dollars and left hundreds of thousands of people without roofs.

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