December 5, 2022


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Putin can not move his right hand?  These recordings feed thought - o2

Putin can not move his right hand? These recordings feed thought – o2

Russian President Vladimir Putin has kept the details of his private life and health for a long time. Despite being the president of the largest country in the world, he is still in the spotlight, in some ways almost nothing is known about him. When Putin’s army invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the start of the war across our eastern frontier sparked a torrent of rumors and speculation about how long a century-old dictator could rule Russia. He will turn 70 in October, and some recordings show that his health is slowly deteriorating. The media has already written about various diseases, but these discoveries have not yet been confirmed.

Meanwhile, during the week, baffling shots with Vladimir Putin in the lead role began to circulate on the Internet. They were registered during the celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy. The president walked in a rather clumsy way, even with a slight limp, beside Ksenia, the daughter of one of his ministers – Sergei Shoigu. When a mosquito appeared on his face, Putin decided to chase him with his left hand, although in this situation it seems clear that he used his right hand. An intrusive insect flew out from this side. Vladimir Putin’s moves seem unnatural at first glance.

Vladimir Putin’s right hand hangs near the torso, as well as the uncoordinated movements or manner of walking, raised many comments. However, the nature of the dictator’s rhetoric remained as we were accustomed to after the attack on independent Ukraine.

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