Will Joe Biden resign from the election? White House responds to reports

The White House said that “Joe Biden is not considering withdrawing from the race for the presidency of the United States.” This is in response to reports in the New York Times that Biden fears that he will not defend his candidacy if he does not win public opinion. This is a result of the American leader’s disastrous performance during the debate with Donald Trump.

According to sources in the New York Times Joe Biden He was due to confide in his close associate about his concerns about the upcoming US presidential election. There was allegedly talk of… Resignation from the beginning.

US Elections. Will Joe Biden resign from running? The White House denies it

The White House spokeswoman strongly denied the reports. Joe Biden is not considering withdrawing from the race for US president – She said Karen Jean Pierre In a meeting with journalists, he confirmed that the president’s campaign was “progressing” and that he would resign. “No discussions”.

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doubts about the beginning Joe Biden In the November elections, she appeared after The President’s Disastrous Debate Performance with Donald TrumpBoth his opponents and fellow politicians spoke of the defeat of the Democratic candidate, and the New York Times called on the American leader to “for the good of the country.” Withdrew from the battle for the White House.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Joe Biden talks about running for president

After Biden’s poor performance There are also many questions about his health.– Biden has not undergone additional testing since his routine checkup in February, Jean-Pierre revealed during a press conference on Wednesday.

During the debate with Trump, the president often He looked lost.He stuttered, mixed up millions and billions, spoke quietly and sometimes incoherently, sometimes missed sentences and stared aimlessly into space. The politician later explained that he had been traveling and was tired.

Joe Biden is scheduled to meet on Wednesday. Democratic rulersTo assure them that he will run for re-election. According to Reuters, the president had previously spoken to members of his team and told them this. “I will not go anywhere”.

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