Protest in The Hague Greta Thunberg is detained by police

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested during a protest in The Hague

Reuters reported on Saturday that police arrested Greta Thunberg during a large climate demonstration in The Hague. The Swedish climate activist, together with members of the group Extinction Rebellion, blocked the Dutch A12 motorway.

Police detained protesters who wanted to block Utrechtsbaan, the last section of the A12 motorway near The Hague, Dutch newspaper The De Telegraaf reported.

The portal reported that a large police force supported by a cavalry unit appeared at the protest site. “Appropriate measures have already been taken, such as placement Fence around the tunnels above the highway. We read that the water cannon is also ready.

Police arrested Greta Thunberg

Greta Thoberg was among the climate activists arrested. The police told the rest of the protesters that if they did not block the road, they would be arrested as well.

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According to Reuters, the Swedish woman was put on a large bus with other demonstrators.

This is the second time this year that Thunberg has been arrested by the services. At the beginning of the year, a climate activist was accused of blocking the street in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in London. In this way, the teenager wanted to protest the oil and gas sector conference.

Protest on the highway near The Hague

Protesters are trying to block Utrechtsbahn, the last section of the A12 motorway near The Hague.

A cordon of officers surrounded about a hundred demonstratorsWho sat on the road.

Extinction Rebellion takes its toll on the Dutch A12. Activists appeared there for the thirty-seventh time, and this time they expressed their opposition to the use of fossil fuels.

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