The following free-to-play titles were leaked on the Epic Games Store before the announcement

to update: Epic Games has confirmed that the games will be available to download for free from April 25 onwards. Industry and Lisa: Definitive Edition However, from today we can pick up The Peak Con I Salem City 2.

Original messageć: Doświadczony The dropout Car car only You will reveal&l; The titles of the two upcoming productions are available for free as part of the Epic Games Store's weekly promotion. It is true that we are not talking about high successes, but there must be lovers of strangeness. Satisfied.

Games are available for free download From next week, on April 25th,p˛d˛ LISA is in the industry's definitive edition. The second element mentioned above is similar to the atmosphere of the series. Half life, but with work! In Berlin since the end of the twentieth century. The city is in chaos, and the main character's mission is to save it. Your lover who disappeared in a research facility.

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LISA transports Arrows into a strange pixel art world where colorful frames collide. With a dark tail atmosphere&agon; And difficult choices. The gameplay from a 2D perspective depends on… exploring the world, determining the fate of the characters we meet, and fighting battles. In a turn-based system. Annoying side effects will not prevent the game from receiving “overwhelmingly positive” reviews. steam And 83 points on the site Metacritic.

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Today " We will pick it up by 5:00 PM Ghost runner – Dynamic tail; gregogon; Action from the Polish studio One More Level. For next week, in promotion available in blue are two titles: The Bic Con and Town of Salem 2.

The first is a sense of humor. A point-and-click adventure game, the second is based on the rules of the “Mafia”. Players try&agon; Together they identified who was killing the other members of the group, and the perpetrators were prosecuted to go after the perpetrators. Cę will rotate &caute; Doubting others.

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